March Single Class Options

Mar 7th: Foundation Class #1 - Shutter Speed
Mar 7th: Foundation Class #2 - Aperture & ISO
Mar 7th: Foundation Class #3 - Manual Mode
Mar 14th - Lighting: The Key to Great Photography $65
Mar 14th: Composition: Creating Photos with Impact $65

March Multiple Class Packages 

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MAR - Bulk Class Discount (5) : $185 - Save $50 - Click for Schedule
Mar 7th: Bulk Class Discount (3) - Foundations $100 - Save $5


community classes for photographers of all levels 


The first step to taking great photos is learning how to use your camera! In this three part class series, you will all the basic functions of your camera to start making great images!
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Whether it be the light of the sun or an off-camera flash, the key to great photography is mastering lighting. This three-part class series will help you to understand how to use light!
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When it comes to photography, composition is just as important as lighting and posing. This three-part class series will teach you how to capture your viewer with great compositions!
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Learning how to properly edit a photograph is the best way to amplify your skills! This class will help you to understand your editing software to make your photos stand out!
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Why learn photography?

Whether it be photographing your child's first birthday, capturing memories on a family vacation or just getting a snapshot of the Arizona sunset, everyone has a use for photography in their lives. 

Taking your photography skills to the next level will allow you to capture moments in a way that you will not only be able to enjoy and cherish, but will be able to share with others and be proud of for years to come! The Tucson School of Photography wants everyone to be able to have the skills to make great photographs, whether they just got their first camera for Christmas or if they have been honing in their skills for years!

The TSOP offers classes for photographers of all skill levels in a social, interactive environment that teaches important technical, creative and specialized techniques in a fun and exciting way!