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Classes & Workshops


Manual Mode #1

Intermediate -  (Online) 1 hr


In this online class, students will learn the art of controlling the camera in manual mode.  Our unique approach to teaching will allow students to take full control of the cameras capabilities, and think like a professional, and create photos like an artist. 

Topics Covered:

  • The Light Meter

  • How to get the exposure perfect

  • Ansel Adams Zone System

  • How to think like an artist

  • Choosing the best settings

  • Common mistakes to avoid



Manual Mode #2 Practice Class

Intermediate (In Person) - 1.5 hrs

University of Arizona

In this hands on class, students will apply their skills from the manual mode class with help from the instructor.  Students will learn to control all parts of the camera to really start to make photos the way they want them to look. 

Topics Covered:

  • Taking full control of the camera

  • Practicing Metering

  • Zone System Practice

  • How to think like a Photographer

  • Choosing the Best Settings

  • Photo Walk with hands on help



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Classes Included:

  • Starter Class

  • Camera Foundations #1

  • Camera Foundations #2

  • Manual Mode #1

  • Manual Mode #2


Save $15

Camera Body_edited.jpg

Starter Class 

Beginner - (Online) 1.5 hrs


This class is for beginners that are intimidated by all the menus and buttons on their digital camera.  This class is packed with the essential knowledge needed to begin your photography journey.  

Topics Covered:

  • Types of Cameras

  • Types of Lenses

  • Where to Buy

  • Camera Set Up

  • Image Quality

  • Essential Menus

  • Essential Buttons & Dials

  • Common Troubleshooting

  • Info about Classes


Photo Classes-18_edited.jpg

Camera Foundations #1

Beginner (Online) -  1 hr


In this online class, students will learn how to control the technical side of the camera as well as the the functions that allow you to start focusing on the fun creative part of photography.  This starts your journey of getting off of auto mode.

Topics Covered:

  • Camera Modes & Functions

  • Controlling Exposure

  • Shutter Speed

  • Aperture

  • ISO

  • Action Photos

  • Motion Blur

  • Depth of Field

  • The Art of Photography


Camera and Lighting Samples-4.jpg

Foundations #2
Practice Class

Beginner - (In Person) 1.5 hrs

University of Arizona

In this hands on class, students will get a chance to apply the skills learned in the foundation class.  Students will be able to take sharp action photos, prevent blurry photos, and work on small and large depth of field.

Topics Covered:

  • Shutter and Aperture Priority

  • Freezing Action

  • Motion Blur

  • Fixing Blurry Photos

  • Adjusting Exposure 

  • Tips and Tricks for Lenses

  • Hands on help from instructor


Camera and Lighting Samples-4.jpg

Lighting + Composition

In Person - 2 hrs

​Tanque Verde Guest Ranch

Lighting and Composition is everything in great photography.  In this conceptual class we learn the four characteristics of light and the dramatic affect it has on photography, as well as how to use compositional techniques that will really improve your photos.

Topics Covered:

  • The Characteristic of light

  • Eye training for quality of light

  • Flattering vs unflattering light

  • White Balance and Temperature

  • Compositional Elements

  • Visual Storytelling

  • Directing the viewers eye

  • Framing and Cropping

  • Hands on practice at the Ranch


Copy of IMG_6596.jpg

Editing w/
Lightroom Mobile

In Person - 2 hrs

​Tanque Verde Guest Ranch

Cell Phone Required:  Learn how to import, organize, and edit your photos using Adobe Lightroom.  This class will show you how to take your photos to the next level, and the workflow used by professional photographers to give their photos that "wow" factor.  Concepts will apply to both Lightroom on Cell phone or Laptop

Topics Covered:

  • Shooting Raw Files on Phone

  • Importing

  • The Lightroom Interface

  • Culling

  • Enhancing Images like a pro

  • Creating your own Filters

  • Cropping Tips

  • Exporting

  • Common Troubleshooting


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