March Single Class Options

Mar 7th: Foundation Class #1 - Shutter Speed
Mar 7th: Foundation Class #2 - Aperture & ISO
Mar 7th: Foundation Class #3 - Manual Mode
Mar 14th - Lighting: The Key to Great Photography $65
Mar 14th: Composition: Creating Photos with Impact $65

March Multiple Class Packages 

 Bundle and Save!

MAR - Bulk Class Discount (5) : $185 - Save $50 - Click for Schedule
Mar 7th: Bulk Class Discount (3) - Foundations $100 - Save $5


The Tucson School of Photography offers classes in a variety of photographic skills for students of all levels. There are currently many classes for our students starting with basic foundational skills for learning camera functions and going all the way to composition and lighting classes.

Camera Foundations:

The three-class series that are offered currently are the Foundations Series, which will teach you how to master manual mode and learn camera functions essential for creating great photography.  Our unique approach to teaching comes from our 16 years of professional photography, and our 6 years of building and teaching at one of the best high school photography programs in Arizona.


Now that you're understanding the technical skills of photography, we can focus more on the art and creative areas.  The lighting class, which will offer insight on the amazing characteristics of natural light, and and understanding of how to find and use it to your advantage. 


The composition class will teach you simple techniques that professionals use all the time to compose photos that have that "wow" factor to them.  After this class you'll be on your way to creating your own style as an artist, and really having fun with your new skills.

We are also offer classes on editing using Adobe Lightroom to enhance your photos to another level. Check out the Schedule/Sign up Page for classes offered, or if you like to save by bundling multiple classes, click here. Class Bundle Packages


If you have any questions about what classes you are ready for, details about any of the classes or anything else, please contact us and we will find the perfect fit for you!

Class Price List

Single Classes:

Foundation Classes - $35 Each (3)

Lighting Class - $65

Composition Class - $65

 Editing Class - $65

Bundle Classes:


(3 Classes)

Foundations - $100 (Save $5)

(5 Classes)

Foundations, Lighting, Composition - $200 (Save $35)