March Single Class Options

Mar 7th: Foundation Class #1 - Shutter Speed
Mar 7th: Foundation Class #2 - Aperture & ISO
Mar 7th: Foundation Class #3 - Manual Mode
Mar 14th - Lighting: The Key to Great Photography $65
Mar 14th: Composition: Creating Photos with Impact $65

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Mar 7th: Bulk Class Discount (3) - Foundations $100 - Save $5


Most students take all three class the same day. 

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This class is all what shutter speed and how it can be used to change the exposure of a photo! Learn when and why you would want to use a really fast shutter speed or a really slow one using examples, easy-to-understand methods, and hands-on experience!

Topics Covered:

  • Getting The Exposure Right

  • Camera Functions

  • Creative Shutter Techniques

  • Shutter Priority Mode

  • What not to do...

  We understand that learning the technical parts of the camera can be frustrating.  Let us help you experience the joy of photography with our fun, interactive photography classes.  


  • We start with building a solid foundation in basic camera functions, and getting you comfortable with all the important buttons on YOUR specific camera. 

  • Our Classes are tailored for both beginner and intermediate photographers.

  • Our unique approach and curriculum will help you understand the technical information.

  • We teach you how to solve common problems that frustrate new photographers. 





This class uncovers the mystery of the camera's aperture.  With easy to understand demonstrations and hands on learning, you'll really start to see the potential your camera has when you're in control.


Topics covered:

  • Proper exposure

  • Depth of Field

  • Aperture Priority Mode

  • How it works and when to change it

  • The Art of Photography

  • Trouble-Shooting



Now that you're feeling confident with your camera, it's time to take full control and become an artist. This class is designed to unlock all the capabilities of your camera so you can start making photos look the way YOU want.  This is when photography really gets fun!


Topics Covered:

  • Using the light meter

  • Exposure Triangle & ISO

  • Getting more creative

  • Trouble-Shooting

  • Think like a Photographer

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