March Single Class Options

Mar 7th: Foundation Class #1 - Shutter Speed
Mar 7th: Foundation Class #2 - Aperture & ISO
Mar 7th: Foundation Class #3 - Manual Mode
Mar 14th - Lighting: The Key to Great Photography $65
Mar 14th: Composition: Creating Photos with Impact $65

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MAR - Bulk Class Discount (5) : $185 - Save $50 - Click for Schedule
Mar 7th: Bulk Class Discount (3) - Foundations $100 - Save $5


Once you have a good understand of exposure and your camera technique, it's time to start making your photos rock by learning how to master lighting!  Lighting is pivotal to taking great photographs! This class will start by teaching you the how to use different qualities of light, and then show you how to manipulate light to make your photos unique and beautiful!



There is no better light than natural light!  Choosing great light is the easiest way to get better photos in a short amount of time. Not only can you make endless amazing photos, but it's available and free everyday! Students will learn to see and find great light which makes a huge difference in photography.


Topics Covered Over Class:

  • How light works

  • Quantity

  • Hard vs Soft Light

  • Finding Good Light

  • Direction & Color Temp

  • Modifying Light

  • Lighting Techniques for Beautiful Photos

  • What not to do