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(3 hrs) $99



There is no better light than natural light!  Choosing great light is the easiest way to get better photos in a short amount of time. Not only can you make endless amazing photos, but it's available and free everyday! Students will learn to see and find great light which makes a huge difference in photography.


Topics Covered Over Class:

  • How light works

  • Quantity

  • Hard vs Soft Light

  • Finding Good Light

  • Direction & Color Temp

  • Modifying Light

  • Lighting Techniques for Beautiful Photos

  • What not to do


Creating Photos With Impact 

When it comes to creating great photography, composition is just as important as lighting and posing.  Poor composition can make a potentially great photo dull and boring.  We will discuss the basic rules of composition and give you simple tips that will allow you to create more dynamic and interesting photos.  These will dramatically improve the way you frame your subjects and how to make photos that have that "wow" factor.

Topics Covered:

  • What's the subject?

  • Composition Skills Used by Artist

  • Hands on Practice

  • Creating Photos with Impact

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